Care of Your Trees Before Planting

Protect Trees from the Elements (Weather)
Since tree roots should not be allowed to dry out or freeze, they must be sheltered from sun, wind and frost.  Transport trees only in a covered vehicle or wrapped in a tarp.  If you plan to plant within a couple of days store your trees in a completely-enclosed building and water multiple times daily as needed.  If you aren’t watering the trees personally, check them at least once a day to make sure all roots are damp.

Heeling In
Trees that must be held longer than five days should be “heeled in”, a temporary planting in loose, moist soil.  A well drained location is essential to prevent root rot – don’t heel in where rain or runoff might fill the trench.  Do not heel trees in soil that has been contaminated with such toxic items as oil, fertilizer or salt.  Be sure to cover roots completely.  To prevent air pockets, pack soil around roots as the trees are placed in the trench.  If the soil isn’t moist, water in trees after they are heeled in.  Heeled in trees may need to be watered again to keep soil damp around roots if planting is delayed.  After watering or rain, check heeled in trees for exposed roots – they are susceptible to frost damage if uncovered.

Cold Storage

Contact us as early as possible to arrange cold storage for late plantings.  As trees start to break dormancy in February, internal changes and root development occur.  Trees should be placed in cold storage while still fully dormant, before these changes occur.