Fund Raising Opportunities

We support many non-profit groups and organizations in our community and throughout the state of California. These groups include 4-H, FFA, and other school organizations. We give groups an opportunity to raise money by pre-selling multi-budded cocktail trees and other species of trees by special request. This fundraiser normally runs from October through February of each year. Since trees are a seasonal and perishable commodity, the fundraisers are set up on a first come first serve basis. The first delivery of cocktail trees is available around mid-December.


The Multi-Budded Fruit Tree is like having a fruit basket growing in your backyard! When the Multi-Budded Fruit Tree was about two months old, several varieties of fruit were budded to it. These varieties include different combinations of peach, apricot, plum and nectarine. A mature Splash tree will grow a combination of peaches, apricots, nectarines and plums all on one tree. There are also Cherry, Apple, Peach and Plum Multi-Budded trees offering several varieties within its own species. Early and late ripening varieties have been selected so you can be picking fruit all season long!

5-in-1 Peach Party

Varieties of buds may include:

O’Henry Freestone Peach – Ripens early August. Large, firm fruit with good flavor.
Giant Babcock White Flesh Peach – Ripens late July. Produces large sweet fruit.
Fantasia Nectarine – Ripens mid July. A large, attractive, sweet nectarine.
Maygrand Nectarine – Ripens early June. Delicious fruit.
Red Haven Freestone Peach – Ripens very early – 30 days before Elberta. Round fruit with yellow skin overlaid by red to deep red. Good tasting fruit.

5-in-1 Fruit Splash Tree

Variety of buds may include:

Santa Rosa Plum – Ripens mid-July. Large fruit with purple skin & yellow flesh. Excellent flavor. Good producer. Very popular.
Maygrand Nectarine – Ripens early June. Delicious fruit.
Patterson Apricot – Ripens late June. Medium size firm with good flavor.
Fay Elberta Peach – Ripens mid July. Large tasty, firm peach.
Halford Cling Peach – Ripens late August. Produces large, firm fruit. Good eating and canning qualities.

4-in-1 Cherry Bomb

Variety of buds may include:

Bing – Ripens mid July. Large, firm, juicy dark red, excellent eating cherry.
Rainer – Ripens just ahead of Bing. Produces large, yellow fruit of exceptional flavor.
Black Tartarian – Used as a pollinator. Produces small, soft fruit.
Lapin – Ripens about two weeks after Bing. Large, deep red fruit with excellent firmness and flavor.

3-in-1 Wacky Apple

Variety of buds may include:

Granny Smith Apple – White fleshed, green apple, sweet tart flavor.
Gala – Red stripped apple, yellow flesh, sweet caramel flavor.
Fuji – Red stripped apple, very sweet, large fruit.
Golden Delicious – Yellow apple, creamy white flesh.

5-in-1 Plum Blast

Variety of buds may include:

Santa Rosa Plum – Ripens mid July. Has green skin and yellow flesh. Very popular.
Kelsey Plum – Ripens mid July. Has green skin and good flavor.
Sugar Plum – Ripens late August. Very large dark purple fruit. Yellow flesh. Great eating.
Catalina Plum – Ripens early July. Medium size, dark purple fruit. Yellow flesh with good sweet flavor.
Elephant Heart – Ripens early July. Very large fruit with mottled purple skin. Blood red flesh. Excellent flavor.

5-in-1 Apricot Blitz

Variety of buds may include:

Patterson – Large firm fruit, very sweet when ripe. Very good for canning and drying. Ripens late June.
Royal Blenheim – All-purpose freestone, sweet, aromatic, and flavorful. Ripens late June.
Moorepark – Large semi-soft fruit, very juicy and sweet. Mid season harvest.
Westley – Medium to large fruit; good fresh or pre-served. Ripens early July.
Lorna – Large fruit. Firm, fine, textured flesh. Ripens late May. Freestone.

Your fruit tree will be delivered in its dormant state. Keep the roots moist. Try to plant your tree as soon as possible. Select a site that has good drainage. Dig a hole deep enough so as not to crowd the roots. Do not plant the tree deeper than when it was in the bag. Fill the hole with dirt and pack firmly to prevent air pockets from forming. Watering by soaking the tree is preferred over sprinkling.

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