Cling Peaches


[Early] Considered a superior quality canning peach, the fruit has excellent size and color. The fruit has a medium red blush, clear yellow flesh, and the pit is pink to red. Andross is an excellent flavored peach. The tree is very productive and is considered a medium size. Harvest date approximately August 5th.


[Early] Fruit has good color; flesh is clear yellow, with a shade of orange when ripe. Fruit is a medium to large size and can be soft. Trees are large and grow similar to Loadel. Harvest date approximately July 27th.


[Extra Early] Fruit has excellent color, good size and firmness. Has good canning quality, however can be prone to invisible split pit. Ripens approximately 2 days after Loadel. Tree has good vigor and produces heavy for an extra early variety. Tree is considered semi-upright and willowy. Harvest date approximately July 22nd.

Dr. Davis

[Late] The Fruit has good size and color with excellent firmness and stores well in cold storage. It is considered a heavy yielding cling peach. The tree is a vigorous and upright. Harvest date approximately August 18th.

Goodwin (USPP # 13911)

[Early] Fruit is a medium size that is angular to round in shape with a slight tip. The flesh is a yellow – yellow gold color. The fruit skin is less fuzzy than Andross. Pit is small to medium in size. The tree is vigorous, upright and spreading. Harvest date approximately July 28th.


[Late] The Halford cling peach has been around since 1921. It is considered a very good canning peach with a uniform ripening pattern. The fruit is large and firm with yellow flesh. The Halford is a large, vigorous, semi-upright   tree. Harvest date approximately August 22nd.


[Extra Late] The fruit is high quality and firm. It has good flavor and no tendency to split pit. The tree is vigorous and produces well. Harvest date approximately August 28th.

Late Ross (USPP #11208)

[Late] The Late Ross is a mutation of the Ross variety. Almost all characteristics are the same as Ross except the harvest dates. The fruit is yellow skinned with a red blush. The flesh is light orange to yellow. The tree is vigorous and very productive and grows upright and spreading. Harvest date approximately August 18th.

Lilleland (USPP #13028)

[Late] Fruit is large with good symmetry and exhibits excellent canning qualities. Fruit is yellow-gold color and is less fuzzy than Halford. Flesh firm and bright yellow in color. The tree is vigorous and very productive and grows upright and spreading. Harvest date approximately August 22nd.


[Extra Early] Fruit has good color and firmness. It has uniform ripening and sizes well for an Extra Early. The trees are vigorous, large, and semi-spreading. Harvest date approximately July 17th.


[Late] A yellow flesh peach with good size and firmness. Monaco is a consistent producer. The tree is large with a semi-upright to spreading structure. Harvest date approximately August 19th.


[Late] The Rizzi fruit is high quality, good flavored and moderately firm. This medium sized fruit stores in cold storage well. Harvest date approximately August 14th.


[Late] Producer of large, uniform and moderately firm fruit. Yellow skin with a red blush. Flesh is light orange – yellow. Medium sized tree that is highly productive and has a semi-upright growth habit. Harvest date approximately August 9th.


[Extra Late] Large uniform fruit with good color and firmness. Sizes well with minimal thinning. This variety is consistently productive. Harvest date approximately August 25th.

Sullivan #4 

[Extra Late] This peach is medium in size and yellow in color. It is considered a good producing tree of medium size and is noted for ripening uniformly. Harvest date approximately August 28th.

Cling Peach Harvest Chart

Freestone Peaches

Fay Elberta

Ripens July 18-25. Produces large, juicy, moderately sweet fruit with yellow skin and partial red blush. Flesh is firm and yellow. Tree is good producer. Self-fruitful.

Gold Dust

Small to medium fruit with mottled and streaked red skin; yellow flesh is great quality; freestone from California. Early harvest.

Last Chance

Ripens in first part of October. Produces medium to large sized fruit with good flavor and firm flesh. Good canning and freezing peach. Does not discolor when defrosted. Tree is semi-dwarfing, moderately vigorous.

O’Henry Peach

Popular fresh yellow freestone. Large firm, full red skin, superb flavor. Ripens early to mid-August in Central California. Strong, vigorous, heavy bearing tree. 750 hours. Self fruitful.

Summerset Peach

Fine late season yellow freestone, ripens approx. Sept.1st in Central California. Large, sweet and flavorful. Used fresh market, canned, and for freezing. 700 hours. Self-fruitful.

White Peaches

Giant Babcock Peach

Fruit is large, skin predominately red. White fleshed freestone. Sweet, aromatic. Excellent dessert quality. 500 hours. Self fruitful. Tree is vigorous and productive. 500 hours. Self-fruitful.

Nectar White

One of the finest white peaches. Medium to large fruit with dark pink blush over a beautiful cream to pale green background. White freestone flesh, tinged with red, is sweet with exceptional flavor and aroma. Harvest three weeks before Elberta. 800 hours. Self fruitful.

Donut Stark Saturn

An unusual and very hardy semi flattened peach. It is a freestone and has a sweet, mild, white flesh. Requires 400 – 500 chilling hours. Ripens late June to Early July with Red Haven. Also considered a cold hardy peach.